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Design and Analysis

Design and analysis have been the cornerstones of engineering and technological progress for recorded history.  BioLargo Engineering personnel have spent decades honing process engineering and analytical skills to develop, design, install and operate numerous technologies. BioLargo Engineering personnel have served as the project engineers, lead project engineers, engineers of record and project managers on some of the highest profile environmental projects of the last three decades, including: the design, construction, installation and operation of thermal oxidation systems to destroy dioxin and other contaminants at Times Beach, Missouri, the Sikes Superfund Site in Cosby, Texas, the Shipbuilders Superfund Site in Slidell, Louisiana, among numerous others.  The BLEST team also were engaged by the Department of Energy to design, install and operate the mixed waste treatment units for the remediation of the Fernald waste pits in Southwestern Ohio.

BioLargo Engineering personnel are familiar with the latest technologies as well as the tried and proven environmental technologies to provide the optimum solution to our clients.  Using the appropriate analytical tools to meet each situation, BLEST can provide the best solution, at the lowest cost.

BioLargo Engineering is a full service environmental engineering team and solution provider for your most difficult challenges.