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Wastewater Treatment

Overview of BioLargo Engineering Solutions:

>Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Systems (fine solids removal)
>Water treatment to remove chlorine, solids, lead, bacteria
>AOS for influent water treatment and AOS for bacteria control
>Water capture, treatment, and reuse systems
>Stormwater pollution prevention plans
>NPDES Report of Waste Discharge and Permit Negotiations
>Permit and Time Schedule Compliance Assistance
>Effluent Quality Monitoring & Assessments
>Metals Water-Effect Ratio and Translator Studies
>Water Rights Permitting
>Industrial Pretreatment Program Development
>Wastewater Flow Modeling
>Wastewater and Recycled Water Preliminary/Conceptual Design and Analysis

BioLargo Engineering provides expert water treatment resources to assist public and private clients with analysis, management, and creative development of their water resources. We provide extensive expertise in providing scientific, regulatory, engineering, and program management services to municipal wastewater utilities and regulatory agencies. Our services resolve the requirements of the Clean Water Act, and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit system.

BioLargo’s expertise in wastewater engineering and the aquatic sciences allows us to determine how discharge-related changes in water quality will affect marine ecosystems. A large part of our success is invested in our reputation and record of accomplishment for developing and successfully implementing scientifically and legally sound solutions to significant regulatory problems. We provide field investigations, laboratory analyses, and advanced modeling techniques to perform our surveys, studies, and plan development.

Our engineers will help you navigate this process efficiently and without compromises.

BioLargo Engineering is a full service environmental engineering team and solution provider for your most difficult challenges.