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Solid Waste Treatment

Overview of BioLargo Engineering Solutions:

>Waste Generation Studies
>Waste Characterization Studies
>Waste Management Plans and Reports
>Program Design, Implementation and Monitoring
>Grant Writing
>Ordinance Preparation & Implementation
>Business Waste Assessments & Technical Assistance
>Rate Studies
>Collection Service & Facility Development Procurements
>Privatization Studies
>Hauler Audits

Solutions might include complex inter-disciplinary relations among fields such as public health, city, and regional planning, geography analysis, sociology, economics, communication and conservation, demography, engineering, and material sciences.

Our process includes working as your consultative partner in waste generation to identify waste materials, onsite handling, storage, and processing to facilitate the collection, followed by waste collection. Once this stage is completed, we work to transport the waste to local disposal sites using the appropriate vehicles.

At the waste processing location, we will oversee the sorting and collection of recyclable and reusable materials. The final stage involves the disposal of remaining materials in licenses landfills.

Our engineers will help you navigate this process efficiently and without compromises.


BioLargo Engineering is a full service environmental engineering team and solution provider for your most difficult challenges.