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Cannabis Environmental, Odor, and Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

Overview of BioLargo Engineering Solutions:

>State-of-the-art odor and VOC control solutions
>Patented, award-winning environmentally friendly product platform
>Facility permitting
>Compliance reporting

Cannabis growing and production facilities are facing increased scrutiny by regulators to better control hazardous air pollutants and odors (from ”terpenes”). These pungent aromas irk neighbors, city officials, and regulators, even as the industry seeks to maintain good community relations and avoid legal entanglements and lawsuits over nuisance odors.

Odor mitigation procedures are now a large part of the permitting process for companies considering entering the cannabis industry, but the odor is not the only issue. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by plants can contribute to smog, a severe problem in places like California and Denver, two cannabis growing hotspots. VOCs, when mixed with nitrogen oxides emitted by automobiles and industrial sources, produce tropospheric ozone, a bluish, irritating and pungent gas that is a significant form of smog in the lower atmosphere.

CupriDyne Clean

BioLargo’s CupriDyne Clean is being the best and most cost-efficient solution to the cannabis industry’s odor and VOC problem. It offers a patented, environmentally friendly product platform with applications across multiple industries that deal with odors and VOCs. More information about CupriDyne Clean can be found at

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